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About US

Who are we?

Edubell is an innovative publication launched by Leaders League (a division of Feedback) that aims to promote and support the positive aspects of education in Lebanon.

What do we do?

Edubell is a community which provides support in order to bridge the gap between students and donors, and to help the young and talented find their spot in the professional scene.

Our aim is to share our passion for making a positive change in the world through education. Our goal can be achieved via a filtered, transparent, and a well-designed channel of support. This provides our educated citizens the equal chances and the right tools needed to become successful individuals capable of ground-breaking change.


Edubell also provides a platform that allows students to freely voice their opinions and tell their own stories. This platform is called: Edutell.

So if you are interested in paying tribute to the person or foundation who were behind your success, join or become a fan of our Facebook page “Edutell”.


Daniel Wilson Karam

CEO of Leader’s League and founder of Edubell/Edutell.

A word from the founder:

“Edubell is all about success, support and sustainability.

It’s a scene that belongs to the people who want to be triumphant and want others to experience the same success stories.

Proactive citizens can create a successful country, but nothing is achieved if we disregard our common values and interests, and other members of our society.

Through a fair, efficient, and transparent education sector we can succeed in supporting the growth of our country.

Edubell, our scene…”


Maroun T. Atallah

A word from the COO of Leaders League

"As our motto in Leaders League, our duty is to assure a memory that you can count on.

Therefore, through Edubell we will try our best to assure students a memory that they can share among former students, donors and even corporations and institutions that might open for them opportunities in the future.

Our role will consist of linking students, donors, companies and even media to make from Education a platform that can be Fair, Efficient and Transparent for every person. This community will rely on creating opportunities for each and every student to become in the future someone who will help in his turn other students and so on.

We count on the support of organizations, companies or even persons to help us succeeding in this project and achieve our goals."


Ghassan A. Nehme

An avid researcher and reader who is keen on Digital Arts. He is the creative director at Edubell.


Roy Bou Abssi

Holds a degree in advertising and a passion for writing, reading, music, and communication arts in all its forms. He is Edubell’s creative copywriter.


Yves S. Farhat

Edubell’s graphic designer and animator. He is passionate about art, music, nature, and philosophy and is a university student majoring in Graphic Design & Animation.


Malak M. Jaaphar

Editor at Edubell. She has a passion for community service, writing, reading, and art.


Jeffrey Ramia

Edubell/Edutell’s web designer and developer who is majoring in Business Computing. He is a fan of programming, design, technology especially Smartphones and tablets, movies, and sports in general.




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