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Mrs. Salwa Al Amin



Posted by: admin
May 27, 2011

In collaboration with "Diwan Ahl Al Qalam"

Salwa Al Amine is a woman worth taking notice of because of her great contributions to the Lebanese society through her education and achievements.

Mrs. Al Amine is the President of ’Diwan Ahel alQalam’, an organization that aims to honor the successful Lebanese living abroad. She is also a chairperson of the seminar “Nadwat Al Ibdaa” and was given the title of “Amirat Al Manaber”.

Mrs. Al Amine is a Doctor of Arabic civilization at “The Free University of Brussels”. She also holds a Bachelor's degree in Arabic literature from the “Saint Joseph University” in Beirut.

Mrs. Al Amine was responsible of organizing multiple seminars, conferences and cultural festivals. In addition to that she served as a member of numerous social and cultural institutions and received multiple awards from local and worldwide foundations, organizations, as well as the Lebanese government.

Through her hard work and thirst for success, Mrs. Al Amine became an accomplished person and role model for many.




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