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Secret weapon



Posted by: sirin
June 03, 2011

As kids we grew in a very modest house and as I began to understand the world around me, my wildest dream was to meet my Dad that I never seen before. And my wildest adventure was going to school and playing outside, as the civil war is hitting Lebanon. Before the civil war, most of Lebanese couples were separated as the man of the house decides to immigrate to offer their families, better income for better life and as things got more difficult to get to, as a phone call, a postage or even a traveler who could bring the money to us, because timing between receiving the money got longer, where some times it passed from six to twelve months waiting for that miracle to happen, my mom had to find work to own that living. Mom was a teacher since she was young, but stopped working after marriage, now she decides to get to work again, I was proud and happy when she got to be my teacher for one year, and as the war kept going on and impossible to stop it became more difficult for both students and teachers to get to school and eventually the classes closed, and with it our income. Off course as Lebanese we all know that families help each other, even though, war is on everyone, so she searched for a job again. After a while she found work, in a little foundation that helped needy by cooking lunch for them, everyday a Giant Bowl, giant Pans of 10 to 15 kilos for main dish, 7 kilos of rise, packs of vegetables for salad, everyday is a new course and we were having the loveliest time between mother and daughter because gaining your own living is the most satisfying feeling at all. In all these very difficult circumstances she didn’t forget always to remind me about the importance of studying and having your own degree. She always said your diploma is your weapon and we especially as women it’s more important to us to have it since where ever life threw us to, you will get always on your feet. Remember, the real weapon that you’ll use to fight for your future is your diploma, even if you only hang it on your wall, the moment will come when you’re hanged diploma will be needed by your choice or not. I’ll never forget as I live and after thirty years I tell my daughter the same story and how she should be careful for her future and to obtain her Own…… Secret weapon. My inspiration was and always will be my MOM; she’s an example of mothers fighting for the dignity, future and welfare of their children to have the best future. Love You MOM… Miss Wajiha


Posted by: Mustafa Sakr
June 03, 2011
Great story
Posted by: Jana Diab
June 03, 2011
very nice story!!!

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