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The Fares Foundation



Posted by: admin
May 17, 2011

“The new challenges are: How to tear down the walls that separate race from race, religion from religion, nations from nation and civilization from civilization; how to build bridges, not from one bank river to the other, but from nation to nation.” ~ Issam Fares

Mr. Issam Fares

A man of action

Issam Fares is a Lebanese entrepreneur whose role as a statesman and philanthropist has been recognized worldwide. Nations have granted him their highest decorations, universities have bestowed upon him the Honorary Doctorate, and many national, foreign, and international organizations have presented him with their medals and awards. Mr. Issam M. Fares was born in 1937 in Bayno, Akkar in North Lebanon. After graduating from the Tripoli College with a degree in business, he worked in the Arabian Gulf and rose rapidly in the world of investment and international business. He founded dozens of major corporations, and cultivated business and political contacts with leaders in Lebanon, the Arab World, Europe, the US, Canada, and Latin America. In addition to Mr. Fares’ many public functions and worldwide benevolent activities, he continues to serve on boards of international organizations, major business corporations, as well as universities and institutions of higher learning. Mr. Fares’ commitment and great faith in the Lebanese people lead him to establish the Fares Foundation to help support the ambitions of the rising generations. The Fares Foundation has placed education as a high priority in its programs. The Foundation provides various forms of aid to educational institutions so that they will play their role effectively and enhance the society. The foundation also supports and participates in the renovation and rehabilitation of many public and private schools in Akkar and North Lebanon. In addition to that, Issam Fares’ foundation also assists in literacy campaigns that help adults as well as children, and sponsors training workshops in various fields.

“We build Lebanon with creativity and innovation, not with ignorance and lingering. We build Lebanon by spreading the culture of love, respect and peace, not by provoking aggression, hatred and fanaticism.”



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